Aligning for Impact: Crafting the Future of RED CLUB x Cartier

alignment sprint featured case Nov 24, 2022
Red Club x Cartier Alignment Sprint



The Committee of RED CLUB x Cartier met in Geneva for a two-day, super intensive Alignment Sprint. Objective: to develop new directions and align on the future evolution of the Club.

RED CLUB x Cartier is a community of forward-thinking entrepreneurs who aim at shaping the next generation of globally and socially conscious leaders. For example, every year RED CLUB x Cartier rewards a young entrepreneur with social impact through its renowned Young Leader Award.


The Future of the Club in the Making


"RED CLUB x Cartier is an innovation journey. We are very happy to collaborate with Stefano, workshops have been constructive and qualitative. Our gathering in Geneva marked a turning point."

Zongwei Chamagne, Head of Red Club x Cartier 


Five big alignment themes, ranging from the evolution of the Club’s identity to the future projects' roadmap. Ten successful entrepreneurs unleashing their collective genius, at full speed, from the very first minute. The exchanges were intense and fertile throughout the two days.



There is no doubt that the (already impressive) success of RED CLUB x Cartier will grow in the years, or rather in the months (!), to come. To be continued...