Get Personalized Guidance and Support.

Remote or in-person coaching with Stefano.

For Teams

Team Alignment Workshops

Half-day or a full-day to:

  • Be trained in the major tools (Team Alignment Map and Team Contract).
  • Apply them effectively to your current projects with pro advice, learn implementation tips.
  • Get innovation projects off to a good start with an increased psychological safety and a committed team.

For 5 to 10 participants.

For Companies 

Organization Alignment Off-Sites

From half-day up to three days to:

  • Get business and organizational transformation initiatives on a right track.
  • De-silo the organization, align on shared goals with a common language and process, bring new ways of working to your entire workforce, with tact.
  • Boost cross-functional engagement, increase accountability, create a "we're-all-in-this-together" mindset.

For 20 to 60 participants.

References upon request.

Our Clients

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