Team Alignment Sprints 

Get key stakeholders on the same page, fast, with powerful visual tools and professional guidance.

What is a Team Alignment Sprint?


Alignment sprints are one-day workshops specifically designed to create the right conditions for teams to perform. Recommended for teams faced with urgent, complex situations and implementation challenges. The workshop is preceded by three preparation sessions (with the team leadership) and two follow-up sessions (with whole team). The main tools used to boost alignment and psychological safety are the Team Alignment Map and the Team Contract. No prior knowledge of the tools is required. Preparation and time vary according to the number of teams.



  • Improve onboarding of new hires in a period of hypergrowth.
  • Build psychological safety and instill a culture of innovation throughout the organization.
  • Bring agility and new ways of working to the entire workforce.
  • De-silo the organization, empower cross-functional teams and accelerate projects delivery.
  • Enable a large scale digital transformation program.

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