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For over two decades, we've pioneered team alignment, bridging the gap from executive boardrooms to on-the-ground operational teams. We've supported:

  • Leadership Teams: Crafting and executing strategies.
  • Digital Teams: Orchestrating complex, cross-functional projects.
  • HR Innovators: In seamlessly driving organizational change.

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Consulting Packages

For Leadership & Transformation Teams

Strategic Alignment


Challenges Addressed:

  • Diverse team objectives.
  • Isolated departmental strategies.
  • Scattered strategic drives.

Our Solution:

  • Diagnostics: Uncover alignment needs.
  • Workshops: Utilize tools to create cohesion.
  • Alignment Summit: Commit to a collective strategic direction.


  • Cohesive team direction.
  • Unified departmental goals.
  • Efficient and streamlined initiatives.


For Teams & HR Innovators

Team Empowerment


Challenges Addressed:

  • Barriers limiting team potential.
  • Trust issues affecting innovation.
  • Challenges in adjusting to organizational shifts.

Our Solution:

  • Team Scan: Assess team dynamics.
  • Empowerment Sessions: Build alignment and psychological safety.
  • Empowerment Offsite: Reinforce trust and team operational capabilities.


  • Enhanced team performance.
  • Higher collaboration and creativity.
  • More adaptive and resilient teams.


For Global and Distributed Teams

Hybrid Collaboration


Challenges Addressed:

  • Managing teams across multiple locations.
  • Diverse communication styles.
  • Need for common collaboration tools and methods.

Our Solution:

  • Collaboration Review: Optimize tools and processes.
  • Hybrid Training: Share best practices for distributed teams.
  • Collaboration Workshops: Practice and refine collaborative methods.


  • Uninterrupted collaboration.
  • Unified communication and coordination.
  • Mastery of top collaboration platforms. 

For Teams Facing Specific Challenges

Personalized Solutions


Challenges Addressed:

  • Adapting to changes in market dynamics.
  • Balancing run and change activities.
  • Designing global collaboration playbooks, etc.

Our Solution:

  • Diagnostic Session: Understand your unique challenges.
  • Tailored Workshops: Craft solutions specific to your needs.
  • Alignment Retreats: when multiple teams are involved.


  • Tailored solutions aligned with your culture
  • Customized tool training (Masterclasses)
  • Dedicated post-intervention support


What It Looks Like

What Leaders Are Saying


Zongwei Chamagne, Head of Red Club x Cartier

"RED CLUB x Cartier is an innovation journey. We are very happy to collaborate with the Team Alignment Company, workshops have been constructive and qualitative. Our last gathering marked a turning point."

Antonio Carriero, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Breitling

“The team alignment workshops helped us successfully drive the organization transformation from a classic B2B set-up to a modern activation of D2C, and its impact across all our business lines.”

Fernando Yepez, Director, Strategy & Transformation, PwC

"At PwC's Global Delivery Model Organization we have been experimenting with Team Alignment Map for over a year. It has been critical in helping us reach agreement and alignment on major complex issues quickly enabling breakthough performance. It's a must have for those involved in complex programs and organizational transformation."

Sophie Christen Creffield,
Head of Operations, Geneva University Hospital

“The Team Alignment Map (TAM) helped us transform a complex situation in a clear map and bring our teams to their best performance. I was also convinced that using the TAM would be the most effective way to rapidly bring all stakeholders together in a non-confrontational way.”

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