Stefano Mastrogiacomo


Lead author of High-Impact Tools for Teams.

Designer of the Team Alignment Map, the Team Contract and the Fact Finder.

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Miro Expert

We provide tools and training for high-performance collaboration and impact.


For leadership, program and product teams leading innovation projects and transformation initiatives.


"This book injects new energy – and new tools – into the quest to build teams that can thrive in the 21st century."


― Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School.



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Create alignment with the Team Alignment Map.

Align Stakeholders visually, clarify roles, and manage risks as a team.

Team Alignment Map
Team Alignment Map


Communicate better with the Fact Finder and the Nonviolent Requests Guide.

Ask good questions and surface facts with the Fact Finder. Manage conflict constructively with the Nonviolent Request Guide.


Build trust with the Team Contract and the Respect Card.

Quickly set the rules a team will play by, and create an environment of appreciation and respect between team members with the Team Contract and the Respect Card.

Team Alignment Map


Used by great teams worldwide to collaborate better, deliver innovative products and transform organizations.


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