We believe that great teams are the key to great results. We provide easy-to-use tools, world-class training, and expert coaching to build high-impact teams that drive innovation and business success.

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Miro Club Geneva. Next meeting in May 2023.
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Team Tools We’ve Designed 

Achieve greater team efficiency with the Team Alignment Map.

This powerful tool allows you to visually align stakeholders, clarify roles, manage risks as a team and boost productivity.

Team Alignment Map
Team Alignment Map

Communicate better and be more inclusive with the Fact Finder and Nonviolent Requests Guide.

Use the Fact Finder to ask relevant questions and uncover key information, and the Nonviolent Requests Guide to handle conflicts in a constructive manner.

Foster psychological safety and innovation with the Team Contract and Respect Card.

Establish clear guidelines for team collaboration with the Team Contract and cultivate a culture of humility and appreciation among team members with the Respect Card.

Team Alignment Map

Used by great teams worldwide to collaborate better, deliver innovative projects and transform their organization Used by great teams around the world to collaborate better, deliver innovative projects, and transform their organizations.

Discover Our Book 

"This book injects new energy – and new tools – into the quest to build teams that can thrive in the 21st century."


― Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School.

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