Team Alignment Bootcamp

Lead collaboratively with impact. A fast-paced, intensive course to become a better team member. For teams of 4 or more. 

Just putting a team together does not ensure its success.

Teams fail on a regular basis. Ineffective meetings, unproductive conflicts, siloed overwork – leading to disengagement, frustration and eventually poor results. All signs of dysfunctional teams. Teamwork will always be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to look like that.

The Team Alignment Bootcamp will help your teams acquire essential foundations of successful teamwork.

With simple practices, using visual, easy-to-use tools that work.

1. Understand

the communication, psychological and relationship requirements for successful teamwork.

2. Learn

how to increase accountability: align with clarity on common goals, who does what, with what resources and risks.

3. Apply

tools to build psychological safety, manage conflict constructively and foster team innovation.

4. Play

with some of the best remote teamwork platforms and apps available.

Training Modules

Create Alignment

M1. Opening keynote, tech check and course onboarding.

Create Alignment

M2. Boost stakeholders' alignment and accountability with the Team Alignment Map (TAM). 

Create Alignment

M3. Rapid alignment metrics with the TAM, your instant GPS for teams. 

Create Alignment

M4. Scale alignment from meetings to projects and the entire organization.

Build Trust

M5. Build psychologically safer teams with the Team Contract to foster team innovation.


Communicate Better

M6. Bye-bye blah-blah: run more efficient, fact-based conversations with the Fact Finder.

Communicate Better

M7. Constructive conflict management with the Nonviolent Requests Guide.

Communicate Better

M8. Tips for successful remote and hybrid teamwork.

What It Looks Like


What Participants Say

"Best training ever ! Stefano makes everything to maintain an attractive class.”

 "The trainer is really good.”

"Well prepared and given, a lively session with practical cases.”

"Thank you very much for this high quality course, led by a motivated and motivating pro!"


Independent and anonymous assessment by Qualintra (2018).


Want to Train as an Individual?

This training is delivered primarily to teams. If you wish to participate as an individual you can get on the waiting list. We will notify you when we reach a sufficient number of participants in your time zone.

  • Format: Online
  • Language: English
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