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High-Impact Tools for Teams

By Stefano Mastrogiacomo and Alex Osterwalder. Wiley, 2021. 

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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski


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中文(简体), ελληνικά, україньска, 本語, русский


"This book injects new energy – and new tools – into the quest to build teams that can thrive in the 21st century."


"If you are leading a team – or plan to anytime soon – you’ll want to keep this book close at hand."


"Stefano and Alex demystify the quest for a healthy team culture – and walk us through how to create it." 

― from the Foreword by Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School.

#1 release in project management and business communication


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Best 25 books on innovation for 2022

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5 Simple and Powerful Tools

Structure project conversations with a common language and visual canvases.


Get Results

Improve project execution by facilitating planning and managing risks on-the-fly.


Build Trust

Increate psychological safety by clarifying the rules and managing conflict constructively.



Five powerful team tools to successfully implement new business models and manage change. Make every project a success with the Team Alignment Map, the Team Contract, the Fact Finder, the Respect Card, and the Nonviolent Request Guide.


INTRO: Essentials
What makes teams underperform and how to get better results


PART 1: Discover the Team Alignment Map
What it is and how it works

1.1 Getting Started: The Four Pillars of the Team Alignment Map

1.2 Planning Who Does What with the Team Alignment Map (Planning Mode) 

1.3 Keeping Team Members on Track (Assessment Mode) 


PART 2: Put the Map Into Action
How to use the Team Alignment Map

2.1 The Team Alignment Map for Meetings 

2.2 The Team Alignment Map for Projects 

2.3 The Team Alignment Map for Organizational Alignment 


PART 3: Trust Among Team Members
Four tools to create a high-trust climate and increased psychological safety

3.1 The Team Contract 

3.2 The Fact Finder 

3.3 The Respect Card 

3.4 The Nonviolent Request Guide


PART 4: Dive Deeper
Discover the science behind the tools and the book

4.1 Mutual Understanding and Common Ground 

4.2 Trust and Psychological Safety 

4.3 Relationship Types 

4.4 Face and Politeness 

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