High-Impact Tools for Teams

By Stefano Mastrogiacomo and Alex Osterwalder.

Foreword by Amy Edmondson. 

#1 release in project management and business communication.

Featured book 2021.

Among the Best 25 books on innovation for 2022.

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Featured by "99 best business books"

"This book injects new energy – and new tools – into the quest to build teams that can thrive in the 21st century."


"If you are leading a team – or plan to anytime soon – you’ll want to keep this book close at hand."


"Stefano and Alex demystify the quest for a healthy team culture – and walk us through how to create it." 


Excerpts from the foreword by Amy Edmondson.

― Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School.

The go-to manual for high-performance teams! Practical tools and strategies for improving team communication, collaboration and productivity.

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What's Inside?

  1. Understand what makes teams underperform and unlock better results.

  2. Uncover the Team Alignment Map: what it is, how to apply, and impact.

  3. Implement the Team Alignment Map in meetings, projects, and for organizational alignment.

  4. Cultivate a high-trust climate and psychological safety using proven tools.

  5. Explore the science behind the tools. 

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"A must-have manual for successful teams. Highly recommended."

"A practical roadmap for high-performance teams. Rooted in solid science with highly usable tools..."

"Moving from a physical to a digital workplace... This book clears up this issue introducing a way of working around ALIGNMENT."

"Fantastic insights and explanations along with very practical and usable tools.

"A BEAUTIFUL book with amazing illustrations and artwork."

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Stefano Mastrogiacomo


Alex Osterwalder

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Chris White


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Richard Narramore

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Find out more about the team tools presented in the book and get the templates for free!

  • Team Alignment Map
  • Team Contract
  • Fact Finder
  • Nonviolent Requests Guide
  • Respect Card
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