Leading Successful Organizational Transformation at PwC

featured case Sep 16, 2020

How to Ensure Sound Execution When Implementing Large Business Transformation Initiatives?

By Stefano Mastrogiacomo

Try This:

1. Put 40 high caliber change agents and leaders from Marketing & Sales, Finance, IT, Admin Services, Learning & Development, Ethics & Compliance in same room for 3 days.

2. Boost everyone’s team alignment skills with the Team Alignment Map and foster psychological safety.

3. Sparkle great cross-functional dialog and projects.

4. Let the power of common ground help them overcome the unavoidable internal silos and barriers and deliver concrete results.

A big thank-you to Fernando Yepez and Jamie Jenkins from PwC’s Global Delivery Model Services Organization for inviting me and to all the attendees for their active participation in the working sessions. Thank you Alex Osterwalder, Lauren Cantor, Ashley Dongen and Megan Shaw at Strategyzer for helping make this workshop a success!