The Team Alignment Toolkit

5 Powerful Tools to to Boost Joint Performance and Psychological Safety

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The Team Alignment Map

The Team Alignment Map is (TAM) as a co-planning tool. Align together on the team mission, the objectives to be achieved by whom and reduce risks, all visually.


The Team Contract

Define team rules with the Team Contract. Address behaviors, values, decision-making, communication and collaboration preferences as a team. 


The Fact Finder

The Fact Finder  suggests powerful questions to identify the tangible facts and experiences hidden behind unproductive assumptions, judgements, limitations, and generalizations. 


The Respect Card

The Respect Card suggests tips for tactful communication: value others and demonstrate respect for better relationships.


The Nonviolent Requests Guide

A tool to manage conflict constructively and help others understand what’s wrong and what should change in a nonaggressive manner.