Teaching Collaboration From Elementary to High School

We believe that collaboration should be taught from an early age. We're currently developing and testing a free toolkit for educators and professors. Contact us if you would like to support this initiative or contribute personally.

Becoming a competent team member

4 collaboration skills we believe children should have the opportunity to develop in a playful way during their educational journey 


Ask good questions

Be able to ask fact-based questions to reduce perception gaps, judgements and assumptions.


Coordinate with others

Be able to align with others and help facilitate teamwork.


Build trust-based relationships

Be able to contribute to the creation of a psychologically safer climate for oneself and others.


Deal with small everyday conflict

Be able to express diverse opinions and disagreement in a constructive manner.

How You Can Help

Join our team and have impact in local communities and possibly more. We're looking for volunteering: 

  • Teachers: to help design, test and validate the collaboration trainings.
  • Instructional designers: to help gamify and design the right exercises for each age.
  • Graphic designers: to design the teaching materials and accelerate the learning process.
  • Financial sponsors: we're working with limited resources, you can help us accelerate the delivery rate and the international distribution of the teaching kits.
I want to be part of this. Let’s talk!