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High-Impact Tools for Teams: the Online Course

Want to discover the content of the book in a different way? Learn the tools by following the exciting progress of the world's most misaligned team. It's fun and more addictive than a Netflix series.

  • Discover the 5 team tools with their designer, Stefano Mastrogiacomo.
  • Learn by watching a team recover from collaboration pitfalls using the tools.
  • Discover new examples, additional pro tips and hints. 


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Powerful Tools for Trust and Psychological Safety 

Learn how to help your teams innovate and perform better by maintaining healthier relationships.

  • Learn the what and how of trust and psychological safety in teams. 
  • Master 4 practical trust tools. 
  • Watch the incremental productivity journey of an initially disengaged team.


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Effective Alignment Techniques for Remote Teams

Learn some of the best techniques and methods available in 2020 to collaborate remotely. In this highly practical course you will:

  • Learn how to make the most of your multiple communication channels.
  • Discover and test word-class collaboration platforms.
  • Watch the interviews of leading experts and effective remote teams. 


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High-Impact Tools for Teams: TAM Use Cases

10 real examples to illustrate how the Team Alignment Map is applied in different contexts.


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Resource Pack for Teachers

Are you a professor of management or project management? Here is what we are preparing for you:

  • Ready-made lessons to develop the teamwork and the communication skills of your students.
  • Annotated Powerpoint and Keynote slides.
  • Practical exercises and exam questions.


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Resource Pack for Consultants and Coaches

Are you a professional consultant, facilitator or coach?

  • Membership to the Pro Community: exclusive content, get support, community Q&A.
  • A growing library of examples by industry.
  • Checklists, team exercises and materials.


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Professional Certification Program

Would you like to go even further and become officially certified by The Team Alignment Company and Stefano Mastrogiacomo?

  • 10 days of intense training.
  • Your name on the list of certified coaches.
  • Access to all professional materials, templates and online courses. 


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