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From aligning visions to amplifying teamwork, our offsites bridge gaps, foster unity, and set a collective journey for ExCos, transformation squads, and every team in between. 
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Our offsites design and facilitation service ensures everyone gets on the same page, swiftly and strategically. From global ExCos to diverse task forces, we've elevated collaboration across all functions: Marketing, Sales, Digital, HR, Legal, and more. 

Perfect for:

  • Leaders & Executive Committees: Cultivate unity in vision.
  • Transformation & M&A Teams: Seamlessly integrate diverse units.
  • Digital Transformation Champions: Empower digital initiatives and large-scale transformations.
  • HR Innovators & Change Agents: Navigate and lead organizational change.

Our Offsite Offering

C-Level Leaders | EXCOs

Leadership Alignment Retreat


Challenges We Can Tackle:

From clarifying vision, defining roles, setting KPIs, managing change, to streamlining strategic communication.

What's Included:

  • Tailored leadership workshops on identified needs and outcomes.
  • Expert-led facilitation.
  • Preparation sessions and offsite simulation.
  • Post-retreat debrief session with actionable insights.


  • Upscale retreat location.
  • Fireside chats with industry pioneers.
  • Leadership development activities.

Your Investment:  Contact us for a personalized quote | Group Size: 5-15 participants


Single Team | Management Team | HR Innovators

One-Team Alignment Day


Challenges We Can Tackle:

From boosting team synergy, increasing engagement, fostering shared leadership, adapting to regulatory changes, to refining talent onboarding.

What's Included:

  • Comprehensive 1-day alignment session.
  • Work with 3 proven tools that that trigger positive change.
  • Real-time feedback and agreements for post-workshop actions.
  • Includes: High-Impact Tools for Team Tools insights.


  • Modern facilities with healthy refreshments.
  • Team strengths assessment and debrief (ViaCharacter Team Report).
  • Evening dinner and team bonding activities.

Your Investment: Starting at USD/EUR/CHF 12'000 | Group Size: 5-20 participants

Multi-Teams | Cross-Functional Projects | Digital Teams

Alignment Sprint for Innovation Teams


Challenges We Can tackle:

Launching complex projects, accelerating delivery, building/activating internal capabilities, aligning stakeholders, managing dependencies, manage change, etc.

What's Included:

  • Holistic alignment workshop.
  • Work in breakout sessions with high involvement of all participants.
  • Comprehensive post-sprint roadmap and rules of engagement.
  • Expert-led sessions.


  • Evening innovation showcases.
  • Tech-centric venue, hybrid set-up for integration of remote participants in breakout sessions.
  • Engaging team building and recreational activities.

Your Investment: Starting at USD/EUR/CHF 30'000 | Group Size: 20-300 participants

Personalized Solution

Custom Alignment Offsite


Crafted Just for You:

We tap into the heart of your unique team dynamics and business challenges, designing tailor-made experiences that hit the mark.

What's Included:

  • Bespoke sessions tailored to address your team's specific needs.
  • Expert-led facilitation that dives deep into your unique challenges.
  • Customized preparatory materials, tools, and participants' toolkits.
  • A post-offsite debrief session with actionable next steps.


  • Relevant industry expert sessions.
  • Tailored team building activities.
  • Innovative venues.

Your Investment: Starting at USD/EUR/CHF 18'000 | Group Size: 10-50 participants

What It Looks Like

What Leaders Are Saying


Fernando Yepez, Director, Strategy & Transformation, PwC

"At PwC's Global Delivery Model Organization we have been experimenting with Team Alignment Map for over a year. It has been critical in helping us reach agreement and alignment on major complex issues quickly enabling breakthough performance. It's a must have for those involved in complex programs and organizational transformation."

Antonio Carriero, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Breitling

“The team alignment workshops helped us successfully drive the organization transformation from a classic B2B set-up to a modern activation of D2C, and its impact across all our business lines.”

Sophie Christen Creffield,
Head of Operations, Geneva University Hospital

“Team Alignment Map helped us transform a complex situation in a clear map and bring our teams to their best performance. I was also convinced that using the TAM would be the most effective way to rapidly bring all stakeholders together in a non-confrontational way.”

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