Stefano Mastrogiacomo, PhD

Founder Team Alignment Co.

Hello! I'm a founder, consultant and author with a flair for aligning teams and opening up organizational silos. I help instill more alignment in teams and craft environments that breathe innovation, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. My book and the visual tools I designed are global travellers speaking 10+ languages and are used by forward-thinking teams and innovation coaches worldwide.

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Alexander Osterwalder

Co-Founder of Strategyzer, Inventor of the Business Model Canvas

Stefano's ideas will change the way we manage teams and organizations around the world. He is a rare breed of thinker combining management experience, conceptual thinking, and the ability to design practical business tools. Watch his Team Alignment Map closely. It’s indispensable in every business person’s toolbox.


Fernando Yepez

Director, Strategy & Transformation at PwC

As a strategy and business model consultant for more than 30 years, I am very excited to see the latest advances that Stefano and his team have made on the very innovative The Team Alignment Map methodology and tools. The TAM is a real breakthrough in effectively dealing with complex business/team dynamics. It is simple, elegant, and very effective. At PwC's Global Delivery Model Organization we have been experimenting with TAM for over a year. It has been critical in helping us reach agreement and alignment on major complex issues quickly enabling breakthough performance. TAM is a must have for those involved in complex programs and organizational transformation. Check it out.


Sumayah Aljasem

Founder at Creative Confidence Consulting & Training Institute

I had the opportunity to learn how to use TAM directly from Dr.Stefano Mastrogiacomo this summer. He is amazing at simplifying the collaboration process in a very practical form. He is a mastermind whose tools are to changing the way teams work. I use his methods with my clients, they are easy to each and very practical. Thank you Dr. Stefano Mastrogiacomo.


Thomas Steiner

CEO, Immotour

Stefano's Team Alignment Map is the most effective, action-oriented strategy tool I have seen in my 15 years activity as a facilitator. The tool is intuitive, focusing on the essentials and binding for commitments. It easily integrates in any strategic process and is since part of my meetings and workshops. The team alignment map is open, flexible and adapts to critical missions as well as to creativity. Try it out, this is really worth the little time you will need to get familiar with the method.


Ivan Torreblanca

CIO / CTO at ListGlobally

Stefano is one of a kind, combining the rare fusion of strategic, project and operational management skills with a strong mastery of human psychology and a sharp business and IT acumen. When it's about collective performance, Stefano's ability to juggle with all these disciplines and move organizations positively towards actionable results is truly remarkable. The simple, efficient and effective tool Team Alignment Map he invented, is an extraordinary witness of his outstanding work.


José-Carlos Barbará


In coordinating the International Business Seminar Program, Brazilian FGV's side, I had the joy to count with Stefano as a teacher. His Team Alignment Methodology is a breakthrough in the management of work processes. All the top executives participants in this program have been strongly impacted. I'm convinced that while Alexander Osterwalder changes the history of Business Strategy, through his now famous Business Model Generation, Stefano will do no less by advancing the management of processes with his Team Alignment. Switzerland has it all.